7 Mar 2011

Cruise catalogue about cruises to South Greenland

Nanortalik is a unique cruise destination – this year we are happy to welcome international cruise ships.

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6 Mar 2010

South Greenland videos on YouTube


A 15 minute tourist edition of the well-known food programme ‘A Taste of Greenland’ is now released on YouTube. The film focuses on South Greenland as a unique tourist destination, reports the Tourist and Business Council of Greenland (GTE).

In cooperation with Ace & Ace – the production company behind this beautiful documentary – we have edited a special edition with focus on the many unique experiences in South Greenland, tells Cruise Ship & Communications Consultant, Malik Milfeldt, GTE.

– In fact this version is not about food at all. You’ll have to wait for the original version to see that, adds Malik.

The YouTube edition is cut in two sections of 7 and 9 minutes respectfully, the duration due to YouTube content limitations.

– Initally the producers and I wanted to shoot a documentary of 5-10 minutes but as you can imagine South Greenland is so visually breathtaking and has so much to offer that it was impossible for us to cut down the shoot so dramatically without loosing vibe and

The videos are part of GTE’s new strategy of involving online services in the promotion of Greenland as a unique and very different tourist destination.

You can see the new videos here:

For further information please contact: Malik Milfeldt, telephone +45 3175 3867, e-mail: malik@greenland.com

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