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Nanortalik is a unique cruise destination – this year we are happy to welcome eight international cruise ships.
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Paddling in South Greenland in 2015

GREENLAND is the world’s largest island and a country full of contrasts. In addition to rows of tines and glaciers plunging into the icy fjords, Greenland really live up to its name. “Green Country” was in fact not only Eirik the Red’s “sales tricks” to lure northerners here, here it is actually green! Northern Exposure take you on a 14 day canoe trip to the lush South Greenland. – Join us to explore Eirik the Red’s land!
Nanortalik is the starting point for our paddling expedition. The small village of 1300 inhabitants is a mecca for hikers, climbers and canoeists worldwide. From here we head south into the fjord system north of Cape Farewell. These fjords offers real adventure. This is just for people who have paddling experience, but you need not be an expert.

Kayak expedition South Greenland
Tur 2015:  16.-29. juli OG/ELLER 30.-12. aug 2015 |  Antall dager: 14  |   Antall deltakere: 6  |  Pris før 1. jan: 27 800,- * |  Pris etter 1. jan: 30 500,- (Prisen inkl. helikopter og båttransport på Grønland, men ikke flykostnader og overnatting til/fra Grønland.)
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Greenland Sea Kayak Expedition Glenmore Lodge Scotland 2015

Our proposed Greenland dates for 2014 are from Friday 18th July until Monday the 4th August.<stron

Our time away is spent sea kayaking in the stunning Cape Farwell area of South Greenland. As well as experiencing travelling by kayak in and around icebergs with glaciated mountains as a backdrop, we will educate you in the expedition skills required to be self sufficient in an arctic environment.

Having arrived in the town of Nanortalik, by helicopter from Nassarsuq, we will spend our first day sorting out all the equipment and get out for a local paddle (to get our first taste of paddling amongst icebergs!). Then we will start to pack our kayaks and ensure we have time to explore the town of Nanortalik where we are staying. The next day we will set off for 12 days kayaking, weather, fitness and interest permitting, moving to a new camp almost every day. We’ll be totally self sufficient for the trip, and our journey will take us through some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. We will journey along the outside coast of south Greenland for the first few days to just before the infamous Cape Farewell. Then we will head up the mountainous fjords and explore these as we head to where the Greenland Icecap carves into the fjords. We will have an opportunity to also visit the most southerly settlement in Greenland, Appilatoq.

We will generally average between 20-30km a day, and fingers crossed be enjoying some fine sunny Greenland weather! We will be using 2 person tents, and each tent will prepare its own meals. After 12 days our trip finishes in Appilatoq where a charter boat returns us to the comforts of a hostel in Nanortalik, before flying home the following day.

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We er famous for packet trips for small groups of 12 people travelling with own guide on the whole journey from Copenhagen and back. Group members meet before the journey to prepare for the experience. You can book your package trip with us or have your very own package trip especially designed for your group of friends, family or organisation.
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We know Greenland – many years of experience
When you travel with Nanortalik Tourism Service you will benefit from our broad knowledge of local conditions and professional experience with business and tourism. Security and service are high priority in everything we do. In the tourist information you will find a wide variety of quality souvenirs, books, music, and local arts and handicrafts in whalrus and whale teeth and local stones. We also rent kayaks, tents and climbing equipment.

Watch video from Nanortalik
Here you can watch one video from a cruise liner visiting Nanortalik in September 2008.
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